Till Death (or extreme sunburn) Do Us Part…

27 Jan

As a child (and sadly quite a way into my teens) I was obsessed with Barbie. I had the horse and carriage, the house, three cars and a stupid amount of the dolls. Oddly enough I only had one Ken who had a dodgy peeling leg due to an incident on a sunny day. I spent hours with my Barbie’s I used to wash their hair then spin them around on the washing line to dry and change their outfits constantly. Like most young girls I dreamed of Barbie finding her one true love and getting married. In my case she only really had one option but sadly my Ken was a little bit of a ladies man and refused to settle down. I eventually held several weddings some with Barbie marrying Barbie ( I was all for marriage equality even then) and several with my poor Ken who never had matching shoes and was limited to a few different trousers or a pair of shorts which he didn’t wear much after his terrible accident.

I am not just going on about Barbie’s for no actual reason. My little memory spasm was triggered by reading an article from last year online about a french photographer called Béatrice de Guigné. This brilliant woman specialises mainly in wedding photography and one day decided it would be interesting to photograph the wedding of the infamous Barbie and Ken. The pictures really did take me back to my own mini weddings although I have to say they were a lot less glamorous.

It is so interesting to see how much coverage this idea got. Béatrice received several international work offers and a whole range of collector sites requested interviews with her. I think a part of this is a sentimental value. After all, the majority of little girls plan their dream weddings using Barbie dolls and I guess a small part of that remains even as we grow older. After all my grand plans of skating down the aisle would never have been thought up without my Tori doll (for those of you who don’t know she was a special generation doll).

Slightly wishing I had not been so generous and given all my beloved Barbie’s away. Anyone with a Tori doll feel free to send her my way!

Check out the entire wedding album over on Béatrice’s website: http://blog.beatrice-dg.com/?p=3716



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